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How does having McMurphy on the ward change the way the patients behave? What does McMurphy do to cause this change? Why? Why do some of the patients encourage McMurphy to escape the ward? For wha


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McMurphy is a vivacious man who likes to pull pranks and make people laugh. This causes many of the patients who are capable of interacting with him to come out of their own little worlds and begin participating in reality again. As the novel progresses, McMurphy becomes a target of Miss Ratched, the head nurse. The other patients know what Miss Ratched is capable of and encourage McMurphy to escape. McMurphy agrees, but stays to show the other patients one last good time. This backfires, causing McMurphy to get caught and to be punished. Miss Ratched finally gets her revenge on McMurphy, and he is given a lobotomy. Those he befriended, however, have rejoined reality, Most of them leave the institute.
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