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how does steinbeck use the character candy to present the theme of loneliness/isolation?

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Candy has been alone his entire life. His only companion has been an old dog. This dog in many ways represents Candy and when the dog is shot Candy remarks that he wishes that when he becomes too old to be useful that someone would just shoot him, too.  Many of the characters in this novel don't fit into mainstream society and as such often find themselves on the fringes of society, ostracized. Candy is definitely one of them. Having lost his hand in an accident, his disability sets him apart and increases his lonliness. Living as itinerant farm hands has made making friends or any lasting connections impossible and so, here, at the end of his lifetime, Candy has no one. It is also a very telling scene where he is excited to throw in his money with George and Lennie so that they can all own a small farm.

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