Of Mice and Men

How does curley and his wife cause tension in of mice and men?

why are they a threat and what other characters cause tension what is the lack of sensitivity and understanding in the book of mice and men
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In the novel, Of Mice and Men, there are a number of characters that cause and create tension throughout the story. Curley and his wife are key examples of this tension. First, there is Curley's wife who is the epiotme of the 'kept' woman. It is evident that she believes she was destined for being more than a ranch owner's wife. She envisions herself as a Hollywood starlet, but in reality her dreams are just as disjointed and unrealistic as the rest of the characters she's surround by. She amuses herself by pitting men against one another, espcially Curley. Most of the men fear Curley's wife more than they fear Curley. With Curley, they at least know what he is likely to do. With Mrs. Curley...there is no such understanding. Curley's temper and unreasonable expectations stir everyone up and continue to place pressure on an already impossible and depressing situation for all of the ranch hands.