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How explicit are the Twilight series books? What age level are they appropriate for?

To explain your reasoning please include excerpts from the books. Thanks

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The series is written for young adults. (It is written on a 4th grade level)

I believe it depends on the maturity of your children/ students. I would suggest higher-level 7th or 8th graders for better comprehension. My daughter just read it with her advanced 6th grade reading class. Many of the concepts were "way over their heads"

I have read the twilight books and found that they were not very explicit for my age(18). The books do not go into any sexual detail but do however describe a kiss between two of the main characters and also the morning after two of the main characters have made love. Notice I say 'made love' instead of 'had sex' as this is the focus of the sexual encounter and is how the author has tried to relay it to the audience. I would say the book is targetted at young adults from the age of 12 upwards. Any person younger than this age to read the saga would probably miss any sexual references noted in the novels.
I thought I'd have to read a book for a discvorey like this!