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The author of "Neither Wolf nor Dog, On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder" is Kent Nerburn. He is an educator with a doctorate in Religion and Art, specializing in Native American issues and education. Nerburn conducted an oral history project in northern Minnesota on the Red Lake Ojibwe Reservation. That award-winning project resulted in two books titled "To Walk the Red Road" and "We Choose to Remember", that captured the memories of tribal elders. Nerburn wrote six other acclaimed books and edited three periodicals including "Native American Wisdom". He traveled by motorcycle on a hot August day to a North Dakota historical market with a rock shaped like a buffalo within a fenced site that he saw as a metaphor for the plight of the Lakota Indian people. Nerburn vowed then to bridge the gap between his people and the Lakota by writing this book to fulfill that obligation. He wrote this book "Neither Wolf nor Dog" to spread the faith in ourselves, others and the common humanity we share despite our differences.