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Cowboys and Indians are recurring ideas in the narrative. "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" was the underlying basis on which the idea was developed to portray Indians as "war-paint Indians" and bloodthirsty killers that the movies perpetuated. They continued the image of Indians and white people in the movies where the white man was always the hero even when the wisdom he expressed came from an Indian. One of Grover's favorite activities was watching a cowboy and Indian television show that was on when Nerburn and Dan visited. Grover turned up the volume when a favorite part came on and he and Dan talked about the show. Nerburn was surprised that they enjoyed a show with the theme of cowboys chasing Indians that didn't bother them. They said it was a game and didn't have anything to do with real life. However, Dan emphasized that Nerburn should not write a book like that and said "You got to pee on the earth, Nerburn".