My Louisiana Sky

Who is Granny from My Louisiana Sky and what is their importance?

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Granny is Tiger's grandmother, She is a practical, no-nonsense woman, who serves as the head of the multi-generational Parker household. Granny has a strong work ethic and teaches Tiger and Corrina that chores and work are good for them. At the Thompson garden, when Granny, Corrina and Tiger spend the day picking peas, Granny doesn't complain and encourages Corrina and Tiger to keep steady at their work.

Granny plays an important role in Tiger's life. She is the one who teaches Tiger life values and lessons. After Granny's death, Tiger continues to think about what Granny would say in certain situations and feels lost because she no longer has anyone there to talk to. Granny's death is a turning point in Tiger's life, it's the time when she must examine her values and make important decisions for her own life.


My Louisiana Sky