Mission to Kala

compare the characters zambo and medza,what aspects or concerns are highlited by this characters


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A comparison of the two main characters in Mission to Kala shows that the two (Zambo and Medza) have some similarities, as well as some differences. First, Medza leaving school and returning to his village in disgrace, he becomes caught up in his cousin's plan to take his wife back from her home villag of Kala (she went back there after he beat her). His Cousin Niam convinces him to help by playing on his pride, telling him that his education of the white men's ways will ensure their success. While there, he meets Zambo and his crew of friends who take him into their village and treat him with a respect that he has never known in his own village. Zambo has a great deal many personality traits that Medza admires, but is too proud to admit to. He has a self assuredness and the respect of those around him. Medza does not. Though he is not educated formally, Zambo has an innate ability to understand people and what drives/motivates them. This makes him more successful than Medza on many levels.

niam is a good for nothing lazy bastard who thinks women are for his pleasure only, he fails to realise that she is also human .hea accuses her of being barren , but maybe the reason she left is because niam could not satisfy her in bed and was just with him out of convinience