What is the author's style in Middlemarch by George Eliot?

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This long novel is very long and leisurely in its telling of the story. Eliot packs her work with details of characters’ personality traits and inmost thoughts, giving her reader a full picture of who they really are. Much more of the novel is spent in exposition as Eliot explores her characters than is spent in discussion between the characters, a drastic difference between classic novels and modern stories where much of the information is learned about characters through their dialogue with one another. The leisurely and thorough pace of the novel is a symptom of the period of time in which it was created. At that point in time, people entertained themselves through reading. There were no such things as televisions and computers. A long novel, such as this one that delves into the details of life in Middlemarch, was not uncommon for that period of time.


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