Malgudi Days

Can you provide me with a summary of the story FATHER'S HELP by the author RK Narayan?


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The main character, Swami, concocts elaborate lies to get out of having to go to school. First he says he is ill, then he creates a ever deepinging lie about a teacher who is abusive. Believing him, the father writes a letter to the school complaining about this teacher, named Samuel. Samuel, however, is a kind teacher, and Swami is hard put to provoke this teacher into acting as the letter depicts. Finally, Swami provokes the teacher to the point that he canes Swami. Swami, believing that he now has his evidence so that he can be allowed to reamain home and never have to go to school, runs to the headmaster's office to deliver the father's letter. The headmaster is out for the day and Swami has to go home with the letter still in his pockets. His father calls him a coward for not delivering the letter. The father rips up the letter in disgust.