Why does Macbeth kill Banquo?

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The witches prophecy makes McBeth feel that Banquo's heirs will inherit the throne and so he is making sure that, that can't happen.

Murder Scene of King Duncan is Act 2, Scene 2.
(it is clearly indicated that Macbeth murders King Duncan, in this scene. However the act of murder is not describes. the muder takes place behind the stage, while the stage is plunged in darkness, where lady Macbeth tries to imagine Macbeth's every move and at the same time wonders, whether the act is being performed or not. its a spooky night, for the the surrounding which king duncan had claimed to be utterly peaceful and beautiful, has now been surrounded my darkness and murkiness. the night is so still and spooky that every sound in the surrounding horrifies the couple. It is the night when the dreadful act is to be performed. )

important literary devices being - ' owl shrieks' , 'fatal bellman' , 'Macbeth's hallucinations-(hearing the guards laugh and scream 'MURDER' while they were drunk and drowsy etc. )'