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What led to the downfall of Josh and Susan's marriage?

Okonkwo's problem was that he was inflexible to the point of ridiculousness. He tests the limits of his society's integrity and manages to expose how the strict limits and confines were no longer useful in the changing climate of colonization. His strict adherence to the rules and traditions goes to the point of absurdity pointing out the flaws inherent in them. Okonkow's lack of balance comes from not finding that place where tradition can meet and survive and evolve with the changing times.  


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Josh worked hard to make a fortune to please Susan. After Susan had her spiritual awakening, she blamed Josh for turning their lives into ones that were all about material things. Susan tells Josh that his soul is corrupt. She is also angry that his mother plays such a huge part in their lives, despite the fact that she has Alzheimer's Disease.
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