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Describe Clifford's childhood living in California.

Sheriff Chambers is the local sheriff in Fairvale. Chambers is a typical local cop, believing he knows everything about his townsfolk, including Norman Bates. After handling Mother's murder twenty years ago, Chambers believes Norman is a slightly disturbed but harmless individual. He is shocked to learn that Norman has exhumed and taxidermied Mother's body, and that he had been involved in both Mary and Aborgast's murders.

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Clifford and his family moved to California to try to improve his father's health. Clifford adored his father. The father, Hiram, had a stroke and could no longer communicate, making Clifford's mother a single parent. Clifford struggled with bullies and being misunderstood. His mother tried every way she could to make Clifford's life easier, including praising his art.
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