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Why does Jack separate from the group? What has made him unhappy? Why do most of the other, older boys join Jack? How does Ralph respond to this? Why does Jack steal Piggy’s glasses? What happe

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Jack decides to separate from Ralph's group because he does not like that Ralph is trying to tell him what to do. The other boys join Jack because they also dislike that Ralph wants the boys to work and be nice to one another instead of doing things the way they want. When Jack and the others separate from Ralph's group, they realize the group that has the ability to light a fire is the group that will survive the best. For this reason, Jack leads a group of boys to Ralph's camp and steals the glasses. Ralph takes a group of boys to retrieve the glasses, only to have Samneric choose to join Jack. Piggy is killed. Ralph runs away, only to discover that Jack has decided to hunt him in order to provide entertainment to his group and to rid himself of a nuisance. In the end, however, Jack's group sets a fire to flush out Ralph. Ironically, it is this fire that is responsible for the ship finding them.
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