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Why do the boys think there might be a beast on the island? Why do Samneric think that there is a beast on the mountain near the signal fire? Why does Ralph allow Jack to take control of the search

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The children think there is a beast on the island because on the first day they are there and they hold a meeting, one of the Littluns tells them he saw a beast. Later, when Samneric falls asleep while attending the signal fire, they see movement in the darkness and assume it is the beast. Ralph decides they should go check it out, but Jack insists on taking control of the search because he is the leader of the hunters, and hunters are better suited to this situation. However, Jack refuses to go straight up to the mountain. By the time the children go to the mountain, it is too dark to see more than the movement of the corpse that has caused all the commotion, leaving the children convinced it is a beast.
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