Little Women

which character you like most in the book

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Most tend to pick Jo as the character that they like the most in Little Women because she is a bit of a rebel. She is always asking 'why' and pushing the boundaries of convention. She is told that she should put aside her 'tom boy' ways and act like a lady and she asks 'why'. She is told that she should hope for a good marriage and she asks, 'why'. It is through Jo's eyes and questions that we in another time and era can understand what a tremendous amount of pressure women were under and what sorts of constraints and oppression/suppression they had to live with.
Personally, I like Jo because of her tomboy andboystorious. Unfortunately, Amy and Meg were quite a dissapointment, for their sychophant and lady-like ways that were far to proper for me lowered my impression of them. However, Beth was rather kind and not self-centered, which caused me to admire her. Currently, I continue to scrutinize the girls features in the award-winning novel, Little Women.