Life as We Knew It

What were the circumstances in the fall?

Life as we knew it

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As the story officially enters the fall season, it has been three months since the asteroid hit the moon and the world has changed so much. It already feels like winter, despite being only August. Ordinary life has changed beyond recognition from what it once was. There is no school, no more police, no shops, no food, no electricity, and no gas; the oil is running out, there is no more sunlight, no contact with the rest of the world, and people have to focus on survival every day. Life as everyone knew it seems gone forever. Whereas earlier in the story it seemed like the world had reverted to an earlier stage in history, in which people had to live without modern conveniences, now things are much worse. Now the basic staples of civilization itself have broken down, such as law and order and a feeling of community. Reports of violence and people turning against each other become a common occurrence, children go missing, protests become the norm. States are closing their borders, which are protected by vigilantes, who are determined to protect their homes.


Life as We Knew It