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Why are the Japanese so intent on finding the illegal wireless radio? Why do Marlowe, Mac, and Larkin think it is so important to keep it running?

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The wireless radio operated by Marlowe and his friends Larkin and Mac is the only link with the outside world that the prisoners in Changi have. At the time the novel is set – mid-1945 – the news is filled with Allied victories which the Japanese fear will make maintaining discipline in the camp difficult. Marlowe, Larkin, and Mac understand that the news they get from the radio and then circulate through the camp is the only source of hope many of the men have, and is crucial to the morale of the POWs. Although it will mean almost certain death in Utram Road Jail if they are caught, Marlowe and his friends believe that keeping the radio going is more important than their own lives, and continue to operate it even after they know that they are about to be caught.
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