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What does Lieutenant Grey discover during his routine inspection of the Supply Hut? Why does he later drop the matter?

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As he is making his weekly inspection of the camp Supply Hut, Lieutenant Grey finds the weights used to weigh the food before it is distributed to the various unit cookhouses have been tampered with. A hole has been drilled in the bottom of each weight and filled with clay so that the weights will be lighter than they should be. Realizing that Colonel Jones – the officer in charge of the Supply Hut – and his assistant have been stealing food Grey immediately reports what he has found to Colonel Smedly-Taylor, one of the camp’s senior officers, who says he will deal with the matter. Later, after replacing the “fixed” weights with accurate ones, Smedly-Taylor tells Grey that the matter is closed and that he should forget it. Although it is obvious to Grey that Smedly-Taylor is in on the conspiracy to steal food from the rest of the camp, as a Lieutenant there is nothing he can do about it and he is forced to drop the matter.
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