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How does Peter Marlowe first come to the King’s attention? Why is the King immediately interested in Marlowe?

 (r^2 - 8 + 4r^3 + 5r) - (7r^3 - 3r^2 + 5)

r^2 - 8 + 4r^3 + 5r - 7r^3 + 3r^2 - 5

 +4r^3-7r^3    r^2+3r^2     +5r       -8-5

-3r^3                 +4r^2        +5r      -13

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The King first notices Peter Marlowe as he is walking back to the American Hut after being questioned by Lieutenant Grey. Marlowe is talking with another man in fluent Malay, which is a language that is spoken by the Singapore natives as well as by most of the camp’s Korean guards. The King has already started working on the biggest deal of his career which involves selling a 4-carat diamond to a black market trader. He knows that he will be able to make a better deal for the diamond if he has a man he can trust translating for him during the negotiations, and so he starts up a friendship with Peter Marlowe.
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