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Why should Edmund be considered a more complicated villain than Goneril or Regan?

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Goneril, Regan, and Edmund are united in their insatiable question for power and control. initially, the three form a strong union in their shared pursuit, but Edmund’s manipulations slowly begin to separate him from the pack. Edmund is revealed as a far more complicated character than Lear’s daughters because he has a two-fold goal: power and recognition. Edmund has been raised in a cruel society that fails to recognize illegitimate children. As a result, Edmund stands to inherit nothing from his wealthy noble father, despite the fact that the two have always been close. Instead, Edmund’s “legitimate” brother, Edgar, will inherit everything, which Edmund does not think is fair. In his opening soliloquy to the audience, Edmund expresses his desire not only to gain power from his father, but also to seek recognition in society as something other than a bastard. This dual goal makes Edmund a far more complicated villain that Goneril or Regan, who are simply power hungry and greedy.
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