Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, what was the process in cloning dinosaurs?

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1.Find DNA found in mosquitoes that sucked dinosaur blood then trapped in preserved in amber. Amber is tree sap that has hardened and fossilized also preserving insects inside of it.
2. Take out the mosquito from the amber and extract red blood cells from its gut (Mosquitos suck blood out of organisms... such as... DINOSAURS).
3. Extract DNA from the blood cells.
4. Sequence the DNA to create a complete strand of DNA.
5. Fill in any gaps in the DNA by splicing frog DNA with the dinosaur DNA.
6. Insert this DNA into crocodile ova and create an embryo.
7. Put the embryo inside of special plastic eggs with large yolk sacs and little water.
8. Incubate the eggs in an environment with 100% humidity and a temperature of 99 °F.
9. Allow eggs to hatch naturally and for baby dinosaurs to grow.