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Explain how Brutus and Cassius die.

A student posing as Lillian Oswald, Kaitlynn escaped from prison with Ariana. Kaitlynn is even more manipulative than Ariana but she's also smarter in her ability to control Ariana, thereby controlling much more of the situation than Ariana is able to control. Kaitlynn is a sociopath and apparently kills Brigit in cold blood. Kaitlynn controls Ariana through fear and seems ready to carry through with her threats to kill Ariana if specific requirements aren't accomplished. Kaitlynn shows no real weaknesses throughout the book, probably because she is so completely in control. It should also be noted that the perspective is limited to Ariana, meaning Kaitlynn's personal thoughts are not revealed. Her fears are not presented to the reader. Kaitlynn seems completely cold-hearted, even compared to Ariana. While Ariana seems to want to become friends with Lexa and the others, Kaitlynn doesn't care and engages the others only to the point that it suits her purposes. Kaitlynn seems to always know what Ariana is doing and is able to thwart any plan Ariana has. This is seen clearly when Ariana writes the story of her escape from prison and her current problems with Kaitlynn, leaving the document in a safety deposit box. By the time that Ariana gets home, Kaitlynn has retrieved the document and presents it back to Ariana. Another example of this is seen when Kaitlynn foils Ariana's plan to kill Tahira.

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Brutus and Cassius are involved in a war against supporters of Caesar. When Cassius believes his men are about to be captured, he commits suicide. Brutus also takes his own life, giving Caesar's supporters the satisfaction of having avenged his death.
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