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Lauren is a young, kind English woman Jemima meets while in LA. Lauren, too, flew to LA to be with a man, but when the situation turned sour, she had no choice but to stay, not being able to afford to go back to London. When she meets Jemima in a deli, the two are shocked to learn they are not only both from Kilburn, but also are both in journalism. In a short time, Lauren and Jemima become close friends. It is Lauren who helps Jemima get over her devastation at being used by Brad, and also Lauren who helps Jemima find the courage to meet Ben when he arrives in LA. Lauren proves herself to be a strong friend, and shows Jemima she is a lovable, viable person even when she feels she is not. Lauren brings to the novel a sense of balance, as she is neither obsessed with food, weight, or exercise, and yet she is mostly healthy.