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Geraldine is another of Jemima's coworkers. Although Jemima seems to think Geraldine is too good for her in the beginning of the novel, Geraldine shows little concern for Jemima's weight issues. She does ask for her help in writing her own work, but also sits with Jemima at lunch, chats with her, and even invites her out for drinks. Geraldine clearly doesn't mind being seen with Jemima despite her size, showing again that Jemima's issues with her weight cause her social problems, and not her weight its self. As Jemima thins, Geraldine continues to show support, regardless of what path she is taking, proving she is a good friend. Her obvious love for Jemima is clear, as is her willingness to help a friend in whatever way possible. Although her own relationships tend toward the glamorous, she is not too uppity to socialize with those like Jemima.