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Brad is a California gym owner, with a gorgeous body, perfect hair, and beautiful eyes. Jemima meets Brad in an online cafe, and the two hit it off. They continue to talk online, and eventually, over the phone as well. Brad seems very kind, but he also seems a bit pushy. Finally, Brad convinces Jemima to come out to LA to visit him. Once she is there, Brad proves himself to be very nice, but even Jemima notices there is no spark, and that Brad seems to be missing something. They get along wonderfully, and he tells her he loves her, and their sex life is fantastic. However, Jemima continues to feel there is something missing in the relationship, even though Brad asks her to stay for several months. Eventually, Jemima realizes that Brad likes heavy women, but pretends to like her in order to keep up his social appearances. He has been using Jemima as a trophy girlfriend, all the while continuing to see Jenny, his true attraction. Brad's character shows how shallow people can be, and how ones drive for an image can hurt others.