Jellicoe Road

Who is Hannah Schroeder from Jellicoe Road and what is their importance?

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Hannah Schroeder is the thirty-something mentor and guardian of both Taylor and Jessa. Hannah lives in a house that she is building herself near the river at the school. Hannah is writing a manuscript, which details the lives and adventures of five friends at the Jellicoe School in the 1980s. In reality, the characters in Hannah's story are herself, Taylor's parents, Jessa's father, and the Brigadier, Jude Scanlon. Hannah is kind and patient, and she doesn't hesitate to let Taylor know when she is wrong. Hannah disappears from school to go to Sydney to see after Taylor's mother without telling Taylor, which ultimately piques Taylor's interest to search for her mother. Hannah has Taylor and her mother live at her house for the duration of Taylor's mother's life.