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Why is the novel’s title significant to Louise’s story?

John Dudley replaces Edward Seymour as the lord protector. When Edward becomes ill and it is clear the sickly boy will not live much longer, Dudley begins to maneuver to make his own son king. Dudley creates a document that removes Mary and Elizabeth from the line of succession written out in Henry VIII's will and makes Lady Jane Grey the next in line to the throne. Dudley hopes that Lady Jane Grey, who is married to his son, Guildford, will name her husband as king. Lady Jane Grey is shocked by all of this and refuses to name her husband king. However, after nine days, Mary reclaims her throne and John Dudley is eventually executed.

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The title refers to the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau, twin brothers. In the Bible, God admits to favoring the younger twin, Jacob, and to hating the elder, Esau. When Louise hears this story, she believes that God favors the younger twin in each set, which explains why life is so easy for Caroline and so difficult for her.
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