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Why does Sara Louise have such a tempestuous relationship with her twin sister, Caroline?

The dowager queen, Catherine, is King Henry VIII's sixth wife. Catherine took good care of the king in his final years of life and was at his side at his death. After Henry dies, Catherine takes Elizabeth into her home to watch over her and her education. Catherine and Elizabeth have always been close and this situation is a pleasant one for them both. However, it turns out that Catherine has been in love with Thomas Seymour for many years. After Henry's death, Catherine and Thomas marry in secret even though it has not been a full year since Henry's death. Catherine quickly becomes pregnant. Shortly after the birth of a daughter, Catherine dies.

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Since Sara Louise and Caroline are twins, comparisons between them have been inevitable since their birth. Louise was born strong while Caroline was born weak. As a result, Caroline often received more attention from their parents, shuttling her back and forth to various hospitals. Caroline is beautiful and musically gifted, which makes Louise feel homely and awkward. Louise feels Caroline is "above" her, and she believes that everyone favors Caroline. Louise is deeply jealous of Caroline and searches for reasons to lash out at her sister.
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Because she's fat

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