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What is Louise’s ambition in life? What hurdles stand in the way of its achievement?

Thomas Seymour is the brother to Jane Seymour, the mother of Henry VIII's only surviving son. Jane shortly giving birth to Edward, but the fact that she gave Henry the son he so desperately wanted makes Jane and her family very important in Henry's kingdom. Thomas and Edward develop a close relationship. After Henry's death, Edward becomes king and bestows on Thomas several important titles. However, after the death of his wife, Catherine, Thomas makes an attempt to kidnap Edward for unknown reasons and to marry Elizabeth without Edward's permission. This leads to Thomas's arrest and execution.

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Growing up, Louise longs to become a crab fisherman like her father, but the strict gender roles of the time (1940s) prevent her from working on the fishing boats with the men. Louise must be content to fish from her own small skiff. As she ages, Louise dreams of moving off the island. But, the great storm and other hurdles seem to stand in her way. It isn’t until the Captain gives her some wonderful advice that Louise is actually able to muster the courage to leave.
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