Inherit the Wind

How is the golden dancer story relevant to Inherit the Wind?

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Golden Dancer symbolizes how Brady at first seemed like he was a perfect person with every thing going well for him, but it turns out in the end that's not how it was at all and all he inherited from life was " the wind." Just like Brady, Golden Dancer seemed perfect and had gold all on the outside, but in the end it had no substance and broke within minutes of Mr. Drummond riding on it.
Golden Dancer was a horse that Drummond begged his parents for as a young boy. When he got it, it broke (Drummond wanted it because it looked pretty, but it was all shine and no substance) because the wood was rotting. This is also a symbolism of Brady. He thinks he is so good because he has the whole town of Hillsboro at his disposal. In reality, at the end of the novel he died of a "busted belly", because the town was giving him too much food. Brady's arrogance was eventually his downfall.