Incident at Vichy: A Play

Who is Von Berg from Incident at Vichy: A Play and what is their importance?

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on Berg, a main character and a detainee brought to the detention center after the play begins, is an Austrian prince who was detained on suspicion of being Jewish because of his accent. Several pages into the play, the Captain of Police, the Professor and two detectives enter with the Old Jew, Leduc and Von Berg. Monceau, an actor, does not believe that the Germans would senselessly kills the Jews because they enjoyed his acting so much when he played in Germany, but Von Berg, an Austrian prince, insists that many of the Nazis were once cultivated people. Von Berg contributes frequently to the debates between Monceau and Leduc, agreeing that the Germans are capable of this atrocity of burning Jews in furnaces. Leduc and Monceau argue about racial laws while Von Berg tells about the Jewish musicians that were killed in Austria as proof that the Germans would try to exterminate the Jews. Accepting his fate, the boy asks Von Berg to return his mother's wedding ring which he was trying to pawn for food when he was picked up.