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Who is Dick Hickock? What was his life like before meeting the Clutters? Who is Perry Smith? What was his life like before the Clutters?

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Dick Hickock was the son of a poor farmer who grew up outside of Kansas City, Kansas. Dick was a star athlete and a good student, but was unable to attend college due to a lack of money. Dick married young and fathered two children before divorcing, remarrying, and fathering another child. Dick was in a car accident shortly after graduating high school that left him with a head injury and, what his father felt, a change in personality. Dick became something of a career criminal, passing bad checks. In prison, Dick learned about the Clutters from one of their former employees and orchestrated a plan to rob them. Perry Smith was also a convicted criminal. Perry had a very different childhood, living in a dysfunctional home and moving from group home to group home before living with his demanding and often volatile father. Perry served time in the Army before being arrested for robbing an office supply store. Perry teamed up with Dick Hickock to rob the Clutter family, eventually confessing to playing an important role in the subsequent murders.
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