Heretics of Dune

Who is Burzmali from Heretics of Dune and what is their importance?

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Burzmali is Bashar Miles Teg's chosen successor as Supreme Bashar, Burzmali has yet to have the appointment ratified by the Bene Gesserit. With a very young, triangular face, blond hair sweeping across his forehead, widely-spaced, alert green eyes and a deep voice, Burzmali is dispatched to Gammu when Teg, the Reverend Mother Lucilla and the young ghola Duncan Idaho go missing after an attack by the Honored Matres. Burzmali talks with the family of Teg's subaltern, who devises the escape and dies as a decoy. Burzmali reviews all the lessons Teg has taught him to figure out where they are hidden in an ancient Harkonnen no-chamber deep in the forest.