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What is clouddown in Chapter 13 of Hatchet?
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Hatchet is depressed and he just wants everything to end. He wants the clouds to just come down and smother him and make everything go away. He says:

With his eyes closed and his mind open he lay

on the rock through the night, lay and hated and

wished for it to end and thought the word Cloud-

down, Clouddown through that awful night. Over

and over the word, wanting all his clouds to come

down, but in the morning he was still there.

MHood2 | 1519 days ago

To smother him in clouds

(guest) | 1127 days ago

Clouds are in the sky high and alive but when the cloud come down, its no longer a cloud. ITS FOG. (He bascically wants to die)

Miss.KnowItAll | 35 days ago