Gulliver's Travels

who was gullivers teacher in brobding nag? What did he learn & how was he worked after by her ?

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Glumdalclitch-the younger daughter of the farmer was the teacher and even his nanny in brobdingnag.she was nine years old and very skillful. she taught him their language so that he make make his wants and demands known.she was likewise his school mistress, to teach him the language; when he pointed to anything, she told him the name of it in her mother togue.Also she made him seven shirts and svevral other pairs of clothing. she fitted the baby's cradle as a bed for gulliver and got it in a high place, safe from the rats. gulliver was supposed to take,she would accompany him and handled him very comfortably and with extra care
and glumdalcitch also feeds gulliver sometimes