Gulliver's Travels

discuss the oddites of the ' flying or floating land'

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The people who live on this floating island have their heads slanted to the left or the right. They are a similar size to his instead of small like the Lilliputians. Their clothes have pictures of musical instruments or astronomical signs. They have short attention spands so they carry around 'flappers' that they uyse fo rhitting other people during conversations in order to keep them focused. Houses there are built badly and have no right angles, which is very odd since the men are very obsessed with math. The people worry about things all of the time and the women are oversexual in nature.

The island itself is perfectly circular, floats above Balnibarbi, and is able to move about teh surface of Balnibarbi but not any further than its borders. It can move up and down due to the magnetic forces. The royal family can never leave.