Geography Club

Who is Brian Bund from Geography Club and what is their importance?

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Brian Bund is a boy in Russel's class at school. All of the kids pick on and make fun of Brian because he smells, has zits and seems strange to the other students. Later, Russel also discovers that Brian stutters when he talks. The jocks throw food at Brian in the school cafeteria. They torment and call him names. When one of the teachers at school eludes to the fact that there is a gay student at the high school, everyone assumes it is Brian, which causes the jocks to hassle him even more.
Brian and Russel end up becoming friends by the end of the novel. When the rumor spreads that it's really Russel who is gay, Brian submits an application to the high school to start a gay-straight-bisexual alliance club to make it look like he's gay instead of Russel.