Furious Gulf

What is the author's style in Furious Gulf by Gregory Benford?

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Furious Gulf is written in the third person past tense from the viewpoint of Toby Bishop, the protagonist. Toby is a teen but following a convention in science fiction, he has access to every event as it unfolds. Toby is treated as an adult, albeit with none of the responsibilities. As the son of Cap'n Killeen, Toby is regarded as heir apparent of Argo, although since Cap'n is not a hereditary title, the reason for this is unclear. Toby and his girlfriend Besen visit the ship's Bridge during crisis, even when their presence violates security or poses a physical danger. Toby accompanies the boarding party exploring the Chandelier, although no other teens are included. In fact, except for Besen, there is little mention of anyone else Toby's age aboard Argo. The ship's officers, including Cermo and Jocelyn, seem to accept Toby as an equal, although he is much younger, untrained and apparently has no job aboard.