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summary of geothe faust part1

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The First Part of Faust is divided into scenes that take place in a variety of settings. It opens with the scene taking place in Heaven. God challenges Mephistopheles (the devil) and says that he cannot corrupt one of his favorite followers, a doctor and professor by the name of Dr. Faust. What follows is a series of scenes where Faust is attempting to understand nature through magical means (and failing). Driven by the desire to know as much as he can about the universe and its workings, he becomes despondent and contemplates killing himself. But during Easter celebration he remembers his place in the world and is content. While he is out a dog follows him back to the study. The dog transforms into the devil who offers Dr. Faust a deal. He will do Faust's bidding on Earth if Faust will do the devil's bidding in ****. Dr. Faust readily agrees and signs in blood. Thus begins a downward spiral that not only seals Faust's doom, but almost dooms that of a woman that he is interested in (Gretchen). It is only at the very end that God delcares Gretchen's soul saved. 


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