Who is Janie Hannagan from Fade and what is their importance?

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Janie Hannagan is a seventeen-year-old girl who has the ability to mentally move into someone's dream whenever the dreaming person is near her. Most times, this move into a dream happens without Janie's knowledge or willingness and when she comes out of the dreams she is often terribly exhausted, has tingling in her hands and feet, and she cannot see. In this novel, Janie learns that these side effects of dream catching will one day become a permanent disability, that she will lose her ability to see and to use her hands.
Janie uses her ability to move into dreams to help the police with undercover assignments. Janie began using this skill by helping the police with a drug bust. Now Janie is attempting to use her gift to find a teacher who is taking sexual liberties with students at the school she and her boyfriend, Cabel, attend. Janie and Cabel's relationship is a secret because they do not want it to complicate the drug bust. However, Cabel does not like that Janie is helping with the sex abuse case and is afraid of something bad happening to her.
Janie manages to figure out who the perpetrator in the sexual abuse case is without using dreams and to penetrate the circle of students around him. Janie does all she can to prove this man guilty, but she under estimates how demented this man truly is. Janie ends up at a part at her teacher's house where two other teachers are in attendance and the students have all been drugged. Janie somehow manages to get help, saving most of the teenagers from abuse, but this case places too much pressure on her relationship and nearly causes Cabel to end it.