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What is the Dewey Decimal System?

Paula Mues Beecher is a woman with whom Meredith's father had an affair more than 10 years before the beginning of this novel. Although she hadn't realized it at the time, Charles had been molesting her son, Andy. When Mrs. Mues does learn about the abuse, she vows to seek revenge on the man whom she trusted with her son for taking advantage of that trust.

In an effort to keep Charles from recognizing her, Mrs. Mues has gained weight and wears glasses even though she doesn't need them. She also has turned to God as her strength and is termed by many as a religious fanatic. One of her beliefs is that her son, Andy, who was paralyzed in an accident the night of his high school graduation, can be healed by a victim soul. She has arranged an appointment with her son for with one of these men but he dies before Andy can be taken to see him. She recognizes the act as a miracle when her son regains his ability to walk at the same time that Meredith whacks her father with the icon of the Virgin Mary.
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The Dewey Decimal System is a 10-class classification system used to determine a book’s proper place on library shelves. Melvil Dewey is the father of the Dewey Decimal System.
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