Earth Abides

I need a Part 2: Chapters 6 and 7 summary for the novel Earth Abides. The one on here does not give me the end of it...HELP!

This is where it cuts off: Richard and Robert return with a man named Charlie. Ish takes an instant dislike to the man though he thinks it might be simply because Charlie seems dirty. He later lear

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The rest of the summary for Earth Abides (chapters 6-7) is as follows:

Richard and Robert meet a guy named Charlie. Ish suspects Charlie right away though he can't prove anything. Ish doesn't really trust anyone, excpet Charlie. Charlie is carrying a gun in his vest pocket. Richard and Robert locate some people that are living in an old pueblo village, then go as far as Chicago, where they find no one living there at all. They figure that it is because the weather is too bad. Ish actually locks his doors that night (which isn't something that he generally does). The next morning Ish realizes what's going on between Charlie and Evie. Ish tells him that he has to stop being with her. Charlie doesn't want to stop, but Ish tells him that they can't have Evie getting pregnant. Charlie laughs and tells him that she's probably had most of the men there and that if she hasn't gotten pregnant, then it is likely that she can't get pregnant. Ish walks off disgusted, knowing that he just lost that battle of wills. Ish gathers the group together, excluding Charlie, and explains that they all need to protect Evie from Charlie. During the whole time Ezra seems uncomfortable, then later pulls Ish aside and tells him that Charlie has the 'cupid disease' which is what they call STDs. With that information and the knowledge that Charlie is stirring up malcontent in the group, they take a vote. The vote was to be for banishment or death. All four vote for death.