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How does the weather underscore theme and tone in the novel? How does color do the same?
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The weather frequently sets the tone of the novel: as Jonathan gets closer to Dracula’s castle, the weather gets colder and darker, creating a sense of ominous foreboding about what he will find there. Similarly, Dracula arrives in England amidst a terrible storm, symbolizing the havoc he will wreak upon the nation. This bad weather connote the presence of evil. On the other hand, after restoring Lucy’s soul and destroying her “undead,” body, the birds sing and the sun shines, reinforcing the inherent justice and good of that moment. Color is used along simple, symbolic lines. Black is the color of Dracula – his clothes, his horses, and the nighttime in which he roams. It is the color of evil. His red eyes symbolize the devil within him, as well as the blood that gives him life. White is a color of purity, worn frequently by Mina and Lucy. The novel is a battle between good and evil, white versus black, and there is little of nuance or shades of gray within it.
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