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What first makes Bernie suspect that Damon Keefer’s finances may not be in good shape? How are he and Chet able to confirm that this is the case?
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Asked from the Dog on It A Chet and Bernie Mystery study pack
When Chet and Bernie first go to see Damon Keefer at his office at Pinnacle Peak Homes –Keefer’s real estate development – Bernie notices that even though it is mid-morning on a weekday there are no building contractors working, although they pass several houses that are obviously still under construction. During the same visit Chet and Bernie run across a small group of workers and learn from one of them that they have just come back from “a three-day break.” The next day Bernie, Chet, and Suzie Sanchez talk with the man who did the irrigation contracting at Pinnacle Peak who say that Keefer owes him a great deal of money, stopped taking his calls over three weeks ago, and that his lawyer is in the process of filing liens on the development. A short time later Bernie learns from a contact that Keefer owes money all over the valley, and that no legitimate bank will do business with him.
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