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How does Bernie first learn about Mr. Gulagov, and why does Gulagov kidnap Madison Chambliss?
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After discovering that Damon Keefer is unable to borrow money from any legitimate Valley banks, Chet and Bernie visit Nixon Panero – one of their street contacts – who puts them in touch with Albie Rose, an elderly loan shark. Rose tells Bernie that while he wouldn’t lend money to someone like Damon Keefer there is a new loan shark in the Valley, a Russian by the name of Gulagov, who might do business with him. After Chet and Bernie are able to overpower Harold and Olga in the ghost mine on Gulagov’s compound, Harold tells them that Damon Keefer owes Gulagov almost a million dollars and had stopped making payments a few weeks before. Gulagov had Keefer’s daughter Madison Chambliss kidnapped to force him to pay up.
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