Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

what's the meaning of the title in chapter 8???? it says"THIS REALLY HAPPENED.

i need to explain the name of the title....need information pleaseee!!!!!

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did you READ the book?


ok, i'll help you :)

Whenever Cody starts recalling something of his past, in a negative way of COURSE, he'll aways say "This really happened...." and the story will not be unbelievable in the least. For example, he once tells his son that when he was younger, he bought Pearl a ticket to go to visit her friend Emmaline, but she declines because it would mean Ezra's birthday on the 27th. Cory thinks this is unfair, and says that if it had been HIS birthday, her mom would've gone. of course, thats just cody being cody. i dont think she would've, and neither does Luke, because that is what he says too..

:) way to miss the point of the chapter