Daughter of the Forest

Who is Finbar from Daughter of the Forest and what is their importance?

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Finbar is Sorcha's brother. Finbar is a gentle, caring child who goes out of his way to rescue a Briton prisoner from his father's home despite the danger this places him in with his father and the lack of gratitude from the prisoner. Finbar and Sorcha have a close connection and can use their minds to talk to one another. This special connections causes Finbar and Sorcha to be very close. However, as events unfold in the novel, Sorcha finds that Finbar is blocking more and more of his mind from her. The reason seems to be that Finbar has the gift of sight—he can see the future—and the future he sees is a dark one. Finbar is worried for Sorcha and the future that he sees coming for her. In the end, Finbar is unable to protect Sorcha, and this causes him great pain. At the same time, Finbar has fallen in love in his swan state with another swan and has been forced to leave his lover. This causes Finbar even more pain, eventually leading to him disappearing to places unknown to Sorcha.