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How does Lily miss giving the notebook back to Dash after one set of dares? How does he find it again?

Mopsy Finch is thirteen-years-old and desperate to be treated like a grown-up. She even wants to be called Martha instead of Mopsy in the hopes of gaining more respect, particularly at home. When Mopsy learns that her family will be taking in African refugees, she is overjoyed and desperately hopes there will be a daughter she can play with. On the surface, Mopsy appears immature and naive, but she is actually quite astute. Mopsy is the first to realize that Alake is being ignored by her family, and the only person who takes the time to address Alake's needs and desires.

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Lily misses giving the notebook back to Dash after a set of dares because she is supposed to give it to two gentlemen in a dance club, but she becomes spooked when the men do not respond to her overture. Lily does leave behind a boot and Dash's uses it to track down her aunt, eventually leading to her and the notebook.
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