Who is Mrs. Barbara Franklin from Curtain and what is their importance?

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Mrs. Barbara Franklin is Dr. Franklin's wife. She is in her thirties. She has big brown eyes, parts her hair down the middle, and possesses a long, gentle face. She is very thin and she is so pale that her skins has a transparent appearance.
Mrs. Franklin spends a lot of time in her room because she is ill. Everyone says she is sick because of a nervous condition, rather than a physical ailment. Throughout the novel, her mood seems to swing from happy, chipper and healthy to sickly, complaining and taking to her bed.
Mrs. Franklin is poisoned to death. The coroner's verdict is that it is a suicide. Poirot reveals to Hastings in his letter that Mrs. Franklin accidentally poisoned herself in an attempt to poison and kill her husband, so that she could be with Boyd Carrington.